Racist Christopher “Dirt” McIntosh in Seattle

Whenever possible its important that a community practice a restorative justice model. From what I hear folks have tried to reason with him to no avail. This is another reason why we want to decolonize prisons (aka burn them or turn them into living communities,) and build models of restorative justice controlled by communities of resistance. Below is a call out about Chris race based predation:

Christopher “Dirt” McIntosh is a former ALF/ELF prisoner (who was convicted and sentenced to 8 years for arson at a McDonald’s in Seattle) who turned white supremacist while in prison. He seems to be attempting to reintegrate into the Seattle animal liberation community. Recent posts of his range from support for the No New Animal Lab campaign (he has since been banned), to sharing memes from Whole Foods Cruelty, to sharing articles from Direct Action Everywhere. The nature of the posts indicate that he may try (if he hasn’t already) to attend events/protests in the Seattle area. On the same Facebook wall, he has recently reposted from the white supremacist/fascist blog The Daily Stormer (named after Der Stürmer, a tabloid propaganda paper for the Nazi Party) and ranted against the ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ movement, even making claims that it is the work of agent provocateurs. In addition to animal rights stuff, he seems to be involved with Cascadia Now. His page is sparsely populated with random, seemingly anti-authoritarian, leftist, or anarchist info, likely an attempt to keep ties to those communities, a practice which he maintained for a while in prison. Don’t be fooled though, not by his “likes” or his quotes from Alice Walker–this guy is sketchy and everyone should familiarize themselves with his appearance. Not sure what his motivations really are, but he should be considered a danger regardless. Be on the lookout at events. -unknown source

In an article from Sarah Pike in 2013

…Christopher ‘Dirt’ McIntosh, who set fire to a McDonald’s restaurant in Seattle in 2003 on behalf of extremist environmental groups, for which he was sentenced to eight years in prison, described to me the awe he felt towards the world as a divine body during the many days he spent outdoors as a child and teenager. He explicitly distances himself from ‘the Jews, Muslims, Christians [who] see their God as an entity upon some throne in the heavens, instead I see the Earth Mother in all things … Her “Body” making up everything in this infinite universe … so the only real law I follow is treating all things natural [as] sacred.’ While in prison, it appears that McIntosh disavowed his commitment to the radical environmentalist movement, yet he continues to stand by his early connection to Earth’s body.


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