Another Friday office protest in Seattle!

Reportback from Seattle area activists:


Once again activists and concerned community members gathered at Skanska’s Seattle office for a Friday protest — making sure that Skanska’s executives go home for the weekend thinking about how their contract to build the new animal lab at the University of Washington means that they are planning to profit from and facilitate the torture of thousands of animals. People from every floor — and the roof! — of Skanska’s office building looked out the windows at the protest, and activists continue to encourage other people in the building to go to Skanska’s office on the 4th floor and tell them to drop their contract. Passersby showed support and interest in the protest, and expressed their sympathy for the animals…something that Skanska executives need to do by walking away from the animal lab project.

People continue to gather in Seattle and beyond to show their opposition to the lab and dedication to ending its construction. From their offices to

houses, Skanska executives can’t avoid accountability for signing a contract that is covered in the blood of thousands of animals.