SAFE Weekly Newsletter 9/20/14

Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction


September 20, 2014


Join us every Tuesday for SAFE’s weekly solidarity meeting!


          **New Location**

Where: 5623 Rainier Avenue South

Seattle, WA 98118

–On Rainier Ave S & S Orcas St.–

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When: 7pm , join us at 6:30pm for a shared meal beforehand!

All are welcome!

* More information regarding our new permanent home under updates


Stay Tuned For Event Bulletins!



This week the Barton’s found a house! While the VA will need to inspect it to make sure that it will meet the requirements for Byron, if all goes well, the Barton family will be reunited under the same roof by the holidays! We will keep you posted.

At last update, the Barton’s are waiting on news of the judge’s decision in ongoing litigation. Real Change interviewed Jean for an article that does a wonderful job of giving background information on the Barton case.

Click Here For Link To Real Change Article



Olu received the news this week that her auction has been postponed until December. We can now add Scrooge to the adjectives used to describe Sheriff Urquhart!



SAFE has found a new home!  We are now located at The Collaboratory in the Hillman City Neighborhood in Rainier Valley! The Collaboratory describes itself as “a social change incubator”, and seeks to be:

  • a neighborhood hub where community thrives
  • a breeding ground where collaborations are born and relationships form
  • a compost bucket where social movements blossom.

Follow the link below for more information

The Collaboratory


And The Winner Is….

While SAFE was not the recipient of the Cross-Class Bridge Builder Award by the organization Class Action, we received some wonderful comments!

  • Unprecedented outstanding community work!
  • You deserve this Award
  • They helped a friend of mine reveal illegal activities performed by his banking institution and publicly shame the bank. Nobody would even see his case before SAFE got involved. Now there is a lot of public awareness surrounding his lawsuit against the bank for mortgage fraud. If it weren’t for SAFE, the bank would have silently gotten away with it without a fight like the banks have done to millions of Americans.
  • SAFE is awesome!
  • SAFE brings together people fighting to hold onto their homes with tenants and the homeless to fight together for housing justice.
  • keep up the good work! thank you !
  • Because they rock!

Thank you to all who took the time to vote and/or pass on the information.


Help SAFE achieve more victories. Donate to our current Indigogo Campaign. Only 10 days left to contribute! Any & all support helps!


News From Our Friends & Partners


At the writing of this Nickelsville is still moving from the interim site on S. Dearborn to the new site at 1010 S. Dearborn.  Everything has been torn down at the interim site on 13th & S. Dearborn, and has been transported to the 1010 S Dearborn site. The structures have begun to move from the former site at 22nd & S Jackson! Now the work really begins.

Thanks to City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development, Nickelsville now has the fanciest approved map for an encampment you’ve ever seen – it’s got surface trenches with perforated drain pipes to whisk rain water under the 10th Avenue South Sidewalk (sidewalk cut and patch required) out to the storm drain on South Dearborn.

The map specifies where each and every Small Simple Sturdy Sleeping Structure goes to keep them off the ‘slide’ area. ‘Ground disturbance’ is limited to 6 inches and the garden planters can’t go on top of the hill. When half an inch of rain comes down geo tech inspectors must make an on-site evaluation of conditions and consider participants ‘possible evacuation.’

The eyes of the City – and numerous inspectors – are on them. Most importantly homeless people are still suffering due to Seattle’s lack of safe and secure encampments.

A famous anthropologist once said ‘never forget that a small group of determined people can change the world – indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.’

Nickelsville is small. But it’s working, it’s inexpensive, and it keeps homeless men, women, couples, families and their pets together, safe, in community, and ready to move into housing


SHARE is in crisis.  When SHARE applied for their human services reduced fare bus ticket allotment for this year, they asked for the amount of tickets that would be needed for the entire year to transport the participants who stay in the shelters and tent cities to and from the neighborhoods.  The allotment of human services tickets awarded to SHARE was significantly short of meeting their needs for 2014.

As most of shelter/tent city locations are in residential neighborhoods, the concern over SHARE participants loitering in the neighborhoods can be a blocking issue to allowing shelters/tent cities in the neighborhood at all.  SHARE’s answer to this (since the inception of the human services bus ticket program that SHARE lobbied for) is to provide transportation, in the form of bus tickets, to and from the shelter/tent city.

What does all of this mean? With the bus ticket shortage, SHARE will be forced to close all 15 of its indoor shelter next week. No bus tickets (transportation), shelters must close. That is what SHARE agreed to, and they stand by their word.

What can you do? Contact your elected officials (see links below) and let them know that these shelter closures must be averted by providing SHARE with bus tickets. SHARE is not asking for a handout. They are simply asking for the ability to purchase reduced fare human services tickets.


Seattle City Council & Mayor Contact Info

Mike O’Brien

Nick Licata

Sally J. Clark

Tim Burgess, Council President

Sally Bagshaw

Kshama Sawant

Jean Godden

Bruce A. Harrell

Tom Rasmussen

Contact Mayor Murray using this form

Contact King County Councilmembers

Contact King County Executive Dow Constantine


You can reach us at or 206-203-2125

Please visit our web site: .