Seattle Truckers Can’t Catch A Bathroom Break

Reprinted from Solidarity News, a publication of the Seattle Solidarity Network.


Port CEO Ted Fick probably wouldn’t use that HoneyBucket.

Some truckers at the Port of Seattle do not have access to bathrooms. In the case of the main port-provided truck lot, a single HoneyBucket [port-a-potty] was delivered in an attempt to quiet truckers who spoke out against the lack of access to a basic necessity. However, many people have pointed out that the HoneyBucket has not solved anything.

“The HoneyBuckets are designed for ten people,” explains port trucker Birhan. There are over 100 people who park their trucks in the main lot.

The HoneyBucket is underserviced considering how many people depend on it each day. The condition of the stall is appalling, with trash, flies and grime. The basin is full of human waste.

“After a few days, I won’t open it, adds another trucker, Amanuel. Seattle Port truckers deserve more than this. Everyone has a right to access to clean and safe bathrooms while at work. Birhan points out that their demand is simple: “We are not asking for anything more than to keep it sanitary.”

Names have been changed.