Victory for Striking SeaSol Members

by Josh S.
A Message From the Seattle Solidarity Network:

Thanks to Jeff and Hien’s courage and all the support from so many of you it appears that Cynthia, the owner of La Lot, is now prepared to meet all of our demands. This means implementing a fair tip structure and restoring Hien to the schedule she was working before she was retaliated against for speaking up about stolen tips. Cynthia had already sent emails to staff implementing the new tip structure Jeff and Hien had asked for as a result of the strike, but until last night she was still holding fast that she would not return Hien to her old schedule.
Now, undoubtedly recalling last week’s lunch time actions, Cynthia has also agreed to restore Hien to her former schedule starting next week… However, if [Cynthia] is jerking us around and fails to actually put Jeff and Hien back to work under conditions that are acceptable to them, we will need to be ready to spring back into action. Even after they return to work it is all too likely that they will suffer further retaliation or harassment for striking– so we all need to stay ready to support them if that happens. However, it appears for now that the day is won! Thank you all for your continued involvement in SeaSol and please stay tuned for more updates about La Lot and other campaigns.

Jeff and Hien are members of the Seattle Solidarity Network and workers at La Lot, a Vietnamese restaurant whose owners have been systematically stealing workers’ tips. When Hien confronted management regarding this unjust and illegal practice, her hours were drastically reduced in a blatant act of retaliation. With support from SeaSol, Jeff and Hien went on strike until the owners of the restaurant agreed to end tip theft and retaliation. SeaSol organized pickets and flyerings several times a week to support the strike. These pickets frequently left the restaurant empty and La Lot management now appears to have agreed to Jeff and Hien’s demands, proving, once again, that direct action gets the goods.
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