Liberals Lend a Helping Hand to Zimmerman

February 26th, 2012 – George Zimmerman, a community watch volunteer in the wealthy Retreat at Twin Lakes gated community outside of Sanford, Florida, spots a young black man walking through his neighborhood.

Although the man was simply returning from a trip to the store to purchase some candy, Zimmerman, who believed the young man looked “suspicious,” decided to follow him in his car. He then called the police, pulled his car over, got out, and continued on foot. An altercation ensued, and 5 minutes later police arrived on the scene to find an unarmed Trayvon Martin dead on the ground, a bullet through his heart.

After 16 hours of deliberation, a white jury found Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of Martin.

“New hash tag for the month please pass it on!” read a message put out on twitter by Miami-Dade Community Relations Board member Eddy Gervais. “For the sake of our nation, especially Florida #KeepCALMforTrayvon.”

It is telling that the issue often given some of the greatest thought and preparation by liberals across the country following events like George Zimmerman’s trial is not how to get at Zimmerman or the court that let him go, but on how to effectively control the protests in reaction to them.

This week, nowhere was this more clear than in Miami, where city officials, community leaders, and law enforcement have been doing everything in their power to prevent any violence from being directed towards Zimmerman or the state, the effort primarily being lead by the Miami-Dade Community Relations Board.

Formed in June of 1963, the Community Relations Board (CRB) was established as a means of mediating tense race relations in the greater Miami area, and was tasked – amongst other things – with “cooling off black militant organizations, and addressing the causes of a Liberty City racial ‘disorder’ in August 1968.”

Today, the CRB largely serves the same function, inserting themselves as a buffer between impoverished and non-white people and the state. “The primary mission of the Community Relations Board,” reads their mission statement, “is to intervene and contain community tensions, as quickly as possible.”

In Seattle, a similar function is served by groups like the Community Police Commission. Comprised of representatives from a veritable who’s who of Seattle’s liberal community groups, the commission was created – in many ways similar to the CRB in Miami – in order to defuse anger from victims of racist violence.

These groups speak in the language of reform and progressivism – In Miami, their committees include the “Fair Immigration Committee,” the “Planning Committee on Hate Crimes Legislation and Resources,” and the “Youth and Community Engagement” planning committee. In Seattle, the ACLU, the John T. Williams Organizing Committee, Youth Undoing Institutional Racism, and Mothers for Police Accountability all are prominently displayed on the Commission.

True to form, while in Seattle the Commission works to restore the community’s trust in the racist police department, the Board in Miami works on how to handle the anger of city residents following Zimmerman’s trial.

In their Action Plan to Promote Non-Violence in Response to the Trayvon Martin Murder Trial, the CRB published in December, they detailed plans to organize their own “unity march,” which they eventually would ask Miami Heat players to lead through the inner city; hold community meetings to plead for calm; contact pastors in churches across the county to encourage their congregations to remain indoors after the verdict; and “recruit television and radio stations and media personalities” to promote a message of non-violence, and have flooded social media sites to spread a message of “community peace.”

Meanwhile, the police created two “First Amendment zones” in which they are encouraging protesters to “be vocal, not violent,” and the Community Relations Board has agreed to promote attendance at these sites.

Across the country, its a strategy of co-optation – we know this because it is always and everywhere aimed explicitly and wholly at protesters. The liberals are fine with violence in the context of crushing riots with police force, but scream about “non-violent protest” when we fight back. They call for “peace” only when confronted by the mob, and not when confronted by the overwhelming brutality of the state.

It hardly needs saying, but clearly any notion of “non-violence” that accepts the murder of black children and actively looks to subvert and control movements of legitimate rage, can only point towards our own defeat.

We must conclude that liberal leadership – from Miami to Seattle – is complicit in the upholding of white supremacy and the daily violence that is inflicted on non-white people; cowards who agree that Zimmerman was a murderer in one breath, and call the police on you in the next.

It is because of this that they have earned their place as legitimate targets of our rage and desire for revenge.