Fire that burned townhouses at 24th and Norman was arson, ‘Some Anarchists’ claim credit


The fire that caused extensive damage to an under-construction townhouse project at 24th and Norman last week was intentionally set, fire department investigators say.

Now a post signed only by “Some Anarchists” on the Puget Sound Anarchists website claims responsibility for the arson.

“Just before midnight, Monday Feb 25, we strolled over to the townhouses under construction on 24th and Norman in the Central District,” reads the post. “After slipping inside, we set one ablaze. Oh what ease! Oh what fun!”

The townhouse project developer Benjamin Custom Homes describes the homes as “efficient green homes with approximately 2500sf of modern living, attached parking and private roof-top deck with views of the Seattle skyline,” but, counter the anonymous arsons, “Sustainable development is a myth that makes us sick. By furthering gentrification and ecological destruction, these buildings dress disaster up as progress, promising a “green” future that will never be.”

The case is currently under investigation by SPD’s arson team.