Year of Strife: EGT/ILWU timeline

From the Dail News:

At the Aug. 4, 2009, groundbreaking for the $200 million EGT grain terminal at the Port of Longview, the construction was hailed as a boon for Longview and the region. Once EGT decided not to hire International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 21 workers, though, the project became contentious as pickets were staged outside — and sometimes inside — port property. Several months of stand-offs and numerous arrests followed:

Jan. 23 – EGT and ILWU announce tentative settlement of grain terminal dispute after negotiations with Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire.

Jan. 18-19 – Seven longshore union members plead guilty to misdemeanor trespass in plea bargains that dropped more serious charges. None received jail time.

Jan. 6 – U.S. Coast Guard officials say they’ll escort first ship coming to EGT.

Jan. 6 – Occupy the EGT group plans a massive protest of ship’s arrival in solidarity with ILWU.

Dec. 30, 2011 – Jury acquits longshore protestor of disorderly conduct charge from summer protest; prosecutors file dismissal papers in nine more trespassing charges against union dock workers.

Dec. 19 – ILWU member acquitted of assault in protest case.

Dec. 12 – About 100 peaceful Occupy protestors shut down Port of Longview as part of regionwide protest at West Coast ports.

Nov. 2 – Federal judge fines union an additional $65,000; fines now total $315,000.

Oct. 21 – Cowlitz County judge denies union attempt to recall sheriff.

Oct. 13 – About 70 union members stage peaceful protest as grain train arrives at EGT without incident.

Oct. 7 – Federal judge’s ruling delays decision in EGT/ILWU dispute, sending it to a federal labor arbitrator in the spring.

Oct. 2 – 100 community members gather to pray for peace in grain terminal conflict.

Oct. 1 – Federal judge fines ILWU $250,000 for violating his order in blocking trains and vandalism during protests.

Sept. 29 -500 union members and supporters rally in Longview Civic Center.

Sept. 28 – Under police protection, train reaches grain terminal without incident.

Sept. 26 – ILWU files petition to recall Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson.

Sept. 22 – ILWU files federal civil rights lawsuit against Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson and Longview Police Chief Jim Duscha.

Sept. 21 – A dozen protestors are arrested on the tracks at EGT.

Sept. 16 – More than 200 union members attempt to surrender themselves to police following several protest-related arrests.

Sept. 15 – Federal judge finds longshore union in contempt of court for September protests and vandalism.

Sept. 8 – Hundreds storm EGT, dumping grain from train cars, cutting brake lines and smashing windows.

Sept. 7 – Protestors block EGT-bound train in Vancouver and again in Longview.

Sept. 1 – Federal judge issues injunction against union, forbidding blocking trains and picket line violence.

July 25 – Seven union workers arrested and another injured at grain terminal picket line.

July 22 – EGT closes terminal due to more than 100 union pickets blocking access.

July 14 – Hundreds block railroad tracks, BNSF suspends trains to EGT.

July 11 – 100 arrested after tearing down a chain link gate and protesting on EGT property.

June 3 – More than 1,000 protesters rally at EGT’s Portland headquarters.

May 20 – 150 stage an informational picket in Longview, urging EGT to hire ILWU workers.